A short code is a short telephone number that is typically used for text messaging and other types of mobile communication. It is a specialized type of telephone number that is typically five or six digits in length and is used to send or receive text messages or other types of communications. Short codes are often used for marketing campaigns, customer service inquiries, and other types of business or organizational communication.

They are typically easier to remember and quicker to type than a full telephone number, which makes them a convenient option for many types of mobile communication. Short codes are given by a telecommunication regulatory body with price rating depend on the service description and duration of service.

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Use Cases

There are many different use cases for short codes in mobile communication. Some common examples include:

  • Marketing campaigns

    Short codes are often used to send promotional messages or alerts to subscribers. For example, a company might use a short code to send coupons or discounts to its customers.

  • Customer service

    Short codes can be used to provide customers with an easy way to contact a company for support or to ask questions.

  • Voting

    Short codes are frequently used in television shows and other types of events to allow viewers to vote or participate in polls.

  • Subscription services

    Short codes can be used to sign up for newsletters, alerts, or other types of subscription services.

  • Emergency alerts

    Short codes are sometimes used to send emergency alerts, such as weather warnings or Amber Alerts.

  • Donation campaigns

    Nonprofit organizations and charities may use short codes to allow people to make donations via text message.

  • Social media

    Short codes can be used to interact with social media platforms, such as by following a Twitter account or joining a group on Facebook.

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